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At A Ran-Dee Company/Kestrelfindme, we explore the possibilities of using small Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles (sUAV) for the use of agriculture. An sUAV, such as a small multirotor aircraft or fixed-wing aircraft equipped with data collecting sensors, can efficiently perform tasks like livestock herding in addition to other productive tasks. These include geotagging the cattle on a map and identifying the health conditions of the animals with the use of thermal imaging.

A Ran-Dee Company/Kestrelfindme has examined research papers, articles, blogs, and relevant news regarding the UAV industry to understand the state of unmanned systems in livestock herding. There is indeed a real need in agriculture, specifically in livestock herding, which can be better fulfilled by unmanned systems.

A Ran-Dee Company/Kestrelfindme understands the considerations (technological, social, environmental, and political) associated with an unmanned system application solution, including contributing factors, effects as well as legal, ethical, and safety concerns. To schedule a consultation or request more information regarding our products, please contact us at [email protected].

When it comes to small UAVs, the list of applications is endless. A Ran-Dee Company/Kestrelfindme focuses on developing tools for good. Being a company in the service solution industry that offers effective real-time management for domesticated animals, our company is an image makeover leader for the drone/UAV industry, working to make the word “drone” a positive word in all cultures.

We’re expert at locating and tracking livestock from llamas to cattle. What do you need to track and manage? A Ran-Dee Company/Kestrelfindme is here to help.

Home of the Cow Copter

Cows do fly and they do so with the latest technology and safely. Holy Cow it's the Cow Copter.

A Ran-Dee Company

ORLANDO, Fla., May 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- AUVSI 2014 --

Primary collaborating founders Dr. Dee, the ER doc, and the computer engineer Randy Pressley formed a unique solution which is practical and easy to use for nanotech and flying experts but answers questions. offers easy-to-fly copters with the latest technology and the customized software to answer the questions that search and rescuers, law enforcement, and agribusiness men have. Where is the missing hiker? Where and how are the cows, sheep, and horses? Just like a kestrel, it will find its prey.

The copter is small in size but big in results; the key to the flight is the programing and the training. We conform to current FAA standards and are eco-friendly.

RAN-DEE works on making your small or large needs our priority. We bring our varied backgrounds to create an evolution of the robotics to use them responsibly and creatively. RAN-DEE also offers the latest 3D printing and makes use of off the shelf parts.

A Ran-Dee Company

Ran-Dee Kestrel Find Me

The Kestrel Find Me Copter was built with off-the-shelf technology but performs at a very advanced level. It provides an outstanding copter that is GPS-capable using waypoints and can follow terrain using acoustic sonar.

The Kestrel Find Me is a 6- and 8-bladed copter with autopilot, GPS-capable, and terrain-following ability. It is built with some off-the-shelf components, a few 3D printed parts, custom wiring/soldering, and custom software added to the autopilot function.

These small copters can carry a GoPro camera that can wirelessly transmit video back to a ground station, along with GPS coordinates that could be relayed to a ground team for pinpoint recovery. With long-range linearly polarized antennas the range is up to several miles.

See the Search and Rescue Missions That Employed the Kestrel Find Me

Hydroponic Solutions

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using water-based and nutrient-rich solutions. In this system, roots are supported using inert medium, such as clay pellet, rockwool, perlite, peat moss, or vermiculite, instead of soil. Using this method allows plants to directly absorb the nutrient solution and still get oxygen—making them grow faster.

We provide hydroponic drip irrigation systems to help farmers produce higher yields. Your plants will surely grow bigger and faster with this solution.

A hydroponic lettuce farm